A birds home

A birds cage is it's home and should love to be in/on or even near it !
A few simple rules to start off with...

- A birds tail should NEVER be able to touch the bottom of the cage and drag.

- A birds cage width wize should be at least twice the lenght of its wing span.

- Toys are a MUST and should be rotated mulitple times a week and new toys should be added a few times a few if not weekly.

- Cage must not by in direct sun light.

- Round cages as AWFUL and should never be used.

A big no no !

A big NO NO
Round cages are awful for a birds mental health , even if you find a cheap one and buy it because you are to damn cheap and lazy to buy a proper one , shame on you!

In round cages a bird has NO WHERE to turn to , no corners to hide in , everything looks the same. Just NO for round cages.


So what do you look for?

General rule of thumb...bigger the better ! Thats right guys ,nothing tiny and cute like you see in the movies. However most larger cages look better in your house hold and pretty elegant ( not to mention better for your fids ! ) Depending on your species of bird you MUST research the min. cage dimentions ( LxWxH ) and the bar spacing. Can't go wrong with a flight cage !