Budgie Mutations

      This common little parrot comes in hundreds of different color and pattern combination's known as mutations.  Most of us know 'tweety' as the classic green and yellow budgie or blue and white but truth be told 'tweety' comes in many other colors.

Normal Green 

The normal green budgie ( wild type ) is the mutation most of typically think of when we hear budgie or parakeet.  This green comes in many shades including light green , lime green , olive , grey green and dark green.  The Normal Green budgie will have a yellow face and blue cheek patches ( and generally black wing markings ). The budgie shown in the picture is known as a Lime Green Cinnimon ( In picture - Mimzy , 3 years old owned by myself )

Normal Blue

 The normal blue budgie isnt found in the wild like the normal greens.  This budgie comes in many shades ... sky blue , cobalt and many others including violets.  This budgie has a white face and dark blue cheek patches ( generally black wing markings ).  The budgie in the picture is known as a Normal Cobalt ( In picture - Fuji owned by Zeena on talkbudgies. )

Yellow Face Type 1

A yellow face type 1 or YF1 for short is when a budgie ( any mutation without green ) has a yellow face instead of a white one.

Yellow Face Type 2

 A yellow face type 2 or YF2 for short is a budgie ( any mutation without green ) that has a yellow face that can be seen in the birds wings .  The yellow seeps threw the birds chest causing a sea green coloring in blue birds.

Mumble - Owned by myself.  Sadly he passed away from a tumor/stroke in my hands on December 13, 2009 .



Spangles are often referred to the wing markings being upside down.
There are 2, yes TWO types of spangles - single factor ( SF ) and double factor ( DF ). 

SF spangles show the upside down wing markings, while a DF doesn't and pretty much looks like a DEC , except a DF spangle will have a BLUE cere if male and get an iris.

Piplup , shes nearly a year old and owned by me !
Just look at those wings ♥

Recessive Pied

A pied ( prononced  "pie" ) is a bird that has 2 different colors throughout the birds body. These colors are in patches : Blue / white , Blue/Yellow or Green/Yellow .

A recessive Pied has many different markings and patches unlike the dominant pied.

Chibi-Chibi , 2 1/2 year old cock ownd by me ♥

Dominant Pied

Snowy and Dusty
A pied ( prononuced " pie " ) That isn't as well marked as the recessive pied.  This pied has little markings with a patch on the back of his head and a yellow or white banned across their belly.