A healthy bird is a happy bird

A sick bird isn't a happy bird and can often lead to death if not taken care of. A bird will naturally hide their illness ( a natural instinct from there native ancestors )  for as long as possible so look out for any changes in you bird.  Here are a few common  signs of illness...

Signs of Illness

-- Discharge from the eyes
-- Change in clarity or color of the eyes
-- Closing of the eyes
-- Swelling around the eyes
-- Discharge from the nostrils
-- Obstructed nostrils
-- Soiling of feathers on head or around nostrils
-- Sneezing
-- Inability to manipulate food within the mouth
-- Reduced appetite or not eating at all
-- Fluffed-up feathers
-- Inactivity
-- Droopy wings
-- Decreased preening and feather maintenance
-- Break in the bird's routine
-- Change in or no vocalization (may be serious)
-- Weight loss
-- Equilibrium problems (very serious!)
-- Inability to perch (bird on cage bottom)
-- Limping or not bearing weight on 1 leg
-- Swollen feet or joints
-- Change in quality or quantity of droppings
-- Open-mouthed breathing when at rest (very serious!)
-- Tail pumping (rhythmic back & forth motion of tail when resting)
-- Lumps or masses anywhere on the body
-- Bleeding (always an emergency situation, regardless of the origin)

If you see any of the above in your bird please go see an avian vet for further assistance.

Until you see the vet keep your bird in a dark warm place with plenty of food and water placed at the lowest level of the cage.