Preventing tumors in budgies

Tumors are common mostly in budgies- anywhere from fatty tumors to cancerious tumors ( either way , both are nasty and can lead to a sort life ). Theres no "real" way in avoiding tumors but you can add a few things to a budgies diet and daily routines to help prevent tumors such as fatty tumors ( most common ).

What can YOU do?

Add ACV ( apple cider vinager) to their drinking water. Generally 1 part ACV , 3 parts water.

* ACV is fantastic for your body , it contain antioxidant which not only helps dry up fatty tumors but helps FIGHT and prevent cancers.

Add herbs to their diet

Offer veggies daily

Avoid offering high fatty seed such as millet.

Iodine blocks

Not to difficult eh ?

What does a tumor look like?

Fatty tumors

A fatty tumor is a mass on any area of the bird , generally the rump or chest. Its a soft mass.

Cancerious tumors
The worst word in history - cancer.
A cancerious tumor is more soild then a fatty tumor , brusies easily and the life of the bird is often taken. These tumors will continue to grow.

The pictures above are from a lovely lad I use to own , Mumble. He died nearly a year ago and its time owners are more aware of tumors in birds.

Common Symptoms include:
♥Abnormal tail feather growth , or feather growth in general.

The result of a canerious tumor...